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Ancient Arts Hand Dyed Yarns Colorways

Ancient Arts Hand-Dyed Yarns....
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Jewel Collection 
Who can resist the glow of gem stones? The colors in this collection are all based on the rare and precious, whether that is a gem stone or a fine wine!

Timeless Classics
This color collection is a 'Classic' inspired by the connections we experience while travelling throughout the world. Colors remind us of visual moments like those as we are walking through Grandma’s garden,the rugged beauty of Vancouver Island's West Coast, the hues of the Canadian Arctic, 
and the coastal colors of Ireland, Scotland, Italy or Greece.
Three Valley Gap
Salal Jungle
Cinnamon Toast
Irish Linen
Cranberry Harvest
Combers Beach
Where the Coho go
Pieces of Eight
Scottish Mist
Blue Iris
Baby Aubergine
Angkor Wat
Arctic Midnight
Cherry Custard
Atlas Mountain
Star Gazer
Grey Wacky
Ikat collection
This collection of colors is inspired by Ikat textiles. Ikat textiles are patterned by a dyeing technique that employs a resist dyeing process (similar to tie-dye) on either the warp or weft fibers prior to dying. The word Ikat derives from the Malay word mengikat meaning “to dye”. These textiles are ancient in origin and woven all over the world in exotic locales. The colors in this collection capture the look and feel of these textiles, and the places in which they are woven.
Shiraz by Moonlight
Purple Haze
Star Sapphire
Emerald City
Turkish Coffee
Calico Cat
Brown Tabby
Siamese Cat
Orange Tabby
Shasta Cat!
Main Coon Kali
Russian Silver Grey
Grey Tabby
Le Chat Noir
Tuxedo Cat
Blue Persian
Cats Eye Gold
Cats Eye Green
Cats Eye Cobalt
Kitten Nose Pink
Snow CAt
Meow Collection 
This feline friendly line was inspired by the little creatures themselves. The complete collection features yarns as beautifully piercing as the small animals eyes and rich as a tabby cats cuddly fur. For every hank sold Ancient Arts makes a donation to the Meow Foundation that works to care and re-home stray and abandoned cats and kittens.
Turkish Coffee
Chili Pepper Chocolate
Lodgepole Pine
Summer Dreams
Blue spruce
Blue Song
Lapis Lazuli
French Bordeaux
Frankly Scarlett!
Pumpkin Spice
Gold Mine
Fall - Winter 2013 Collection
The Fall/Winter 2013 Collection is about coming home after long travels, enjoying pictures and vignettes of places visited and the precious things seen along the way, and those lovely cozy moments spent with favorite foods, movies and memories.

The 90+ Ancient Arts colors are separated in collections for easy selection.  If you need any advice in building an individualized collection for your store, 
contact us - we are here to help!

778 737 9999 toll free 1844 737 9999 - info@pollika.com

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Spring - Summer 2014 Collection
The Spring/Summerr 2014 Collection 
Beaujolais Nouveau
First & Second
Fire in the Belly
Chili Pepper Chocolate
West Coast Waterfall
She Sells Sea Shells
Gold Mine
Pretty as a Peacock
Enchanted Forest
Hot Flash
Raspberry Gelato
Rose Tribute
Orange Popsicle
Make Mine Caramel
Shasta Cat!
Pollika Purple
Sweet Sensation
Combers Beach
Water Lily
Spanish Lavender