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Felt Vessels


Create Because You Felt Like It!

This wonderful Pre Felt Fabric has made the felting process a little easier. Available in single color, double sided and 30 colors to choose from! Needle felt the roving to Fleece2Felt then machine wash and your felting project is done. So simple, so fun, so affordable! 

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Wool Roving and Felting

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TrueFelt   download sample card
You will truly appreciate the superior heirloom quality of the product line from De Witte Engel, Holland.

80+ beautiful colors in 100% Wool Felt - TrueFelt and the gorgeous color range of pure natural 80% wool and 20% viscose FrescoFelt.   download sample card

Four Season Dolls and Flowerchildren Felt Doll Kits
Collect the entire set of whimsical doll kits complete with detailed instructions.

The kits include 100% Wool TrueFelt and everything you need to complete a wonderful little friend. 
These dolls make wonderful keepsakes and cherished gifts. All you need is a needle and scissors.
Bhedawool and Wonderwool are 100% Wool Roving, ideal for wet, dry and Nuno felting. Bhedawool is a course roving that is perfect for animal sculpture and wearable felted items. It is available in 40 vibrant colors in easy to handle 25 gram balls.

Wonderwool roving is a wee bit softer than Bhedawool, lending itself to fashion applications along with children’s toy and home decor embellishments. Available in 7 colors in a small pack or 1kg / 2.2lb bags.

Felt Vessels
Felt Vessel Kits

Mobilaria - Needle Felting Kits
Make a single bird or create a mobile of these lovely needle felting kits. Every thing is included and easy to make.
Collect them all!
Baby Bird - Blue
Baby Bird - Pink
Birthday Bird
Love Bird
Mom Bird
Winter Bird
Wise Bird
X-mas Bird
100% Wool Felt Balls 
18 mm in size available in 27 colors. Create beautiful jewelry and be inspired to craft!
In only two and a half hours, you can create one of these stunning vessels! Wet felting these requires very little working space and is an ideal class project.
Each vessel is made using Bhedawool from De Witte Engel along with Silk Tops, Throwster’s Waste and silk cocoon embellishments from Painters Threads. The kits are available in 8 different colorways and include an instruction booklet and all materials. Each kit makes 2 vessels. 
Designed by Fiona Duthie exclusively for Pollika. 
Felt Ball Bouquet
Felt Ball inspiration
Felt Ball Wreath
Doll Making Supplies
De Witte Engel premium quality doll jersey is a 100% cotton tubular knitted tricot and a favorite with Waldorf doll makers. Available in 8 skin tones.
The materials satisfies the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals) standard and is dyed according to European and EN71 Regulation.